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Beautiful, Elegant and Timeless. Our hand made Peyote-Stitch Beaded Earrings are made by our Native Artists friends from Cherokee, North Carolina, Precise' and Monā Lossie. 

Following in the foot-steps of their ancestors, Precise' and Monā have taken the old basket designs of their elders, and incorporated these designs and patterns them into their own beautiful hand-made creations using the traditional ways of beadwork called the Peyote-Stitch.

The Peyote-Stitch is a type of beading where you sew one bead into another until you find yourself at the end of your creation. Traditionally with the Peyote-Stitch, you tell a story with each bead you lay. Precise' and Monā follow this tradition, giving a heart and a story to every piece they create.

Every piece they create has its own story, a name, and is one-of-a-kind. In this way, they vow to never make two of the same pieces of jewelry. Each piece is unique and tells a story. Beautiful, Elegant and Timeless - JUST LIKE YOU!

Perfect for a night on the town, or for everyday life. Share your story with Culture & Style.