Our Vision is to Inspire and Empower at-risk, low-income, urban or geographically isolated, Middle-School through High-School Students, onto a path towards higher learning, individual growth and broader social change. By providing Native Students with a day filled with outdoor mentoring and environmental experiences which ties their own cultural roots into their daily lives, we can help build their self-esteem and a better understanding of their connection to the world around them. 

Our goal is to work with Native American programs such as yours - providing a positive and impactful program, designed to promote Health and Wellness to the individuals, families and communities your program serves. Our “Nature is our Teacher” Surf Program is designed to provide Native Students with a day filled with environmental and cultural mentorship, build their confidence, as well as reconnect them to their Native Roots in a way that only the ocean can provide. 

Listed, is our “Nature is our Teacher” schedule and program overview: 

Nature Is Our Teacher - Introduction 
Native Elder / Opening Prayer: Spiritual, Cultural & Environmental Words of Wisdom
Oceanography Lesson: San Diego Coast Keepers 
Activity option 1: Group Mentoring, Ocean Kayaking La Jolla Cove  
Activity option 2: One on One Mentoring / Surf Lessons for Youth Participants 
Activity option 3: One on One Mentoring / Surf Lessons for Adult Participants 
Cultural Unity / Group Activities / Beach Games
BBQ Lunch, Water, Soft Drinks 
Environmental Awareness / Group Beach Clean-up 
Group Circle / Prayer / Gratitude 

WHEN: Days available; Monday thru Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. 
WHERE: La Jolla Shores, San Diego, CA. La Jolla Shores is one of San Diego’s most beautiful Beaches. Life Guards / Life Guard Towers are located throughout the Beach. Public Restrooms available, and a beautiful Park and playground runs right up to the sand. 
RATES: Cost per Participant will depend on the size Group you have. Cost per Participant includes: A full Day of Cultural & Environmental Life Lessons, Beach Activities and BBQ Lunch. 
GROUP SIZE: “Nature Is Our Teacher” can accommodate groups large and small. If you have a larger Group, we can host a Two Day event for you. 

It would be a great honor for us to help you strengthen your Native Youth and Family Wellness Programs. Our "Nature is our Teacher" program is much more than just Surf Lessons. By working together, we can help light the path of our next generation of leaders - so they can take pride in themselves and where they come from - and most importantly, where they aspire to go in life. 

Contact us with your group size and summer schedule, and let's plan a positive cultural and environmental experience your Native Youth Group will always remember.