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I am an artist, husband, father, cultural advocate, surfer and proud Tribal Member of the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo.  The clarity of knowing the history of my Tribe and my Family ancestry — is the light that guides me in my life's path. I am blessed to recognize the artistic gift the creator has given to me — and the responsibility that comes with it.


Just like my ancestors before me, I see a better tomorrow for our future generations. Our artwork and cultural message of protecting our mother earth, waters and air — is the Native Wisdom we share.  I see my life's work and experiences bringing me to this point in my life where we can help bridge the cultural-divide that exists between the Native and Non-Native Worlds.


The connection that indigenous cultures have with the world — honoring everything on earth the Creator put here for us in order to live in balance with nature — still exists today.  The time is now for us to come together as a Global Tribe to protect our land, water and air — not just for ourselves, but for future generations.


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